Betrouwbare informatie over goede doelen
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Meer vertrouwen

Deze database bevat betrouwbare gegevens over 6.000 Belgische verenigingen en stichtingen. We updaten de database dagelijks, op basis van informatie van officiële bronnen en de goede doelen zelf.

Steun een goed doel dat bij jou past

Wil je een goed doel steunen, financieel of als vrijwilliger? In deze database vind je meer informatie over verenigingen en goede doelen die jou nodig hebben.

Life beyond the shelter (LIBES)


An EU funded project with the goal to support survivors of human trafficking transition from shelter to independent living. The project, launched in October 2019 with five victims support organizations from Belgium, Italy, Spain and Germany, shall result in: -a long-term intervention kit to help social workers understand the needs of victims after shelter life and offer a guide to the mainstream services to address them; -an independent living skills training curriculum to offer clients everyday life guidance on topics such as budgeting, household management, self-care, safety, social skills, job and house-hunting, and navigating public administration systems; -independent living skills workshops for survivors; - dedicated telephone help-lines for clients transitioning to independent living; -a peer mentoring program, matching former victims of trafficking who have successfully integrated or local volunteers with clients leaving the shelter; -a transition house in Antwerp, Belgium, to offer integrated and centralized support.


Survivors of human trafficking who move from shelter to independent living.

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